Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Seminar Series

A Biomedical Engineering Initiative in Undergraduate Education

In keeping with Rensselaer’s tradition of excellence in education and School of Engineering’s emerging focus on Human Health and livability, we are launching a number of initiatives to foster enterprising research and innovative undergraduate education in biomedical engineering.
One such initiative is our new Undergraduate Seminar Series in Global Health emphasizing the importance of research in creating and passing on new knowledge to students. It will introduce our biomedical engineering undergraduate students and alumni to contemporary issues in global health and challenge them to propose and address these problems.

Engineering better solutions to a variety of global health issues are among the grand challenges identified by the National Academy of Engineering. By exposing bright young minds to contemporary global health issues we can help produce outstanding biomedical engineers who will move the field forward by solving important problems of our times and creating new industries. The inaugral lecture, titled "Engineering Functional Human Tissues," was presented by Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic of Columbia University.