David Corr invited to speak at Bio-Printing Summit

Dr. David Corr has been invited to present at the workshop BIO-PRINTING - 3D Printing of Living Cells.

About the summit: 3D printing/additive technology is exploding beyond the bounds of industrial applications. Building on the realization that a cell is roughly the same size as a drop of ink, dozens of university biomedical researchers and labs are now applying the grid-based, layer-by-layer “additive” method using adapted printer cartridge heads. The technique is already being used to create tissue scaffolds and lattices, replacement tissues, and ultimately complete organs from stem cells. Some applications, like using 3D printed tissues for in vitro toxicology testing and surgical training, could be nearer term. The implications for drug-testing, life extension, surgical cosmetics and life threatening conditions are revolutionary.
More information can be found at: http://infocastinc.com/events/bioprint13