Ge Wang elected as AAAS Fellow

Ge Wang has been elected as an AAAS Fellow. In naming him a fellow, AAAS cited his “distinguished contributions to the field of biomedical imaging, particularly for X-ray computed tomography, optical molecular tomography, interior tomography, and multi-modality fusion.”

Wang’s innovations over the past 25 years have advanced the field of biomedical imaging, particularly computed tomography (CT), bioluminescence tomography, interior tomography, and omni-tomography for grand fusion of all relevant tomographic modalities (“all-in-one”) to acquire different datasets simultaneously (“all-at-once”) and capture multi-physics interactions (“all-of-couplings”). He wrote the pioneering papers on the first spiral cone-beam CT algorithm that enables spiral cone-beam CT imaging, which is used in almost all hospitals worldwide. More than 70 million CT scans are performed annually in the United States, with a majority in the spiral cone-beam/multi-slice mode.

Ge Wang is one of three Rensselaer faculty just elected as AAAS Fellows this year. More information can be found at