Kuwabo Mubyana wins Savio L-Y. Woo Young Researcher Award

Kuwabo Mubyana, a graduate student in the BME department working under the Guidance of David Corr, is this year's winner of the Savio L-Y. Woo Young Researcher Award of the International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons-XIV in Las Vegas, NV. The title of her research presented at the conference is "Cyclic Mechanical Loading Improves Tensile and Failure Properties of Scaffold-Free Engineered Tendon Fibers".

Kuwabo joined the Corr lab in August 2013, after receiving a B.S. in Biology from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. Her current research focuses on scaffold-free tendon fibrogenesis. Using an innovative method that mimics embryonic tendon development, tendon-like constructs are grown in micro-molded, differentially adherent growth channels. The objective of her study is to determine the effect of various mechanical, electrical and chemical stimuli on developing tendon fibers.

The award is named after professor Savio L-Y. Woo who founded the International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons (ISL&T) to promote awareness of the field, the exchange of information and collaboration nationally and internationally. This award is presented to individuals who perform the best research studies in three major areas (biomechanical, biological and clinical) and who have submitted their work to the ISL&T meeting.