Students win NSF Graduate Fellowships

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowships were announced today and three current BME graduate students have been selected as winners of the NSF fellowships:
- Robert Culibrk (Mariah Hahn's lab)
- Jessica Funnell (Ryan Gilbert's lab)
- Samuel Stephen (Deepak Vashishth's lab)
Not only is receiving three NSF Fellowships the highest number that the department has had in many years, but BME students won half of the NSF GRFPs assigned to the entire institute!
This is an excellent reflection of the high quality of students joining the program and the mentoring that they receive.

In addition to current graduate students winning NSF Fellowships, one former Rensselaer undergraduate student, Alison Lanzi, was also awarded the fellowship. She is now pursuing her graduate work at Boston University.