Six BME undergraduate students win SWE scholarships

Undergraduate students at Rensselaer have been extremely successful with their applications for Society of Women Engineer's scholarships. A total of 18 Rensselaer students received SWE scholarships, six of these students are enrolled in BME. Congratulations to all scholarship recipients!

The BME RPI National SWE Scholarship Recipients for the 2013-2014 Academic Year were: Andrea Deeb, Donna Creighton, Alison Lanzi, Stephanie Sawicz, Stefany FeKula, and Elisabeth Posthill.

About SWE: For more than six decades, SWE has given women engineers a unique place and voice within the engineering industry. The organization is centered around a passion for their members' success and continues to evolve with the challenges and opportunities reflected in today's exciting engineering and technology specialties.