Congratulations to all BME Graduates!

The Graduation dinner was held at the Country Club of Troy on May 24, 2013 to celebrate the achievements of the students graduating this year. A total of 99 students will graduate with a BS, 14 with a MS, and 8 PhDs will be awarded. The number of students receiving each of these degrees are at record values, reflecting the popularity of the program.

In addition to honoring the graduating students, several award recepients were also announced at the dinner:
The Paul B. Daitch Memorial Award: Maureen Newman
The Zelda & David G. Gisser Prize in Biomedical Engineering: Abigail Koppes
The Class of 1902 Research Prize: Maureen Newman
The Department Chair's Award for Undergraduate Research: Tony Certo
Most Valuable Teaching Assistant: Ahmad Abu-Hakmeh