New Masters in Biomedical Data Science Approved

Posted May 20, 2024
BME Data Science

The department will offer a new Masters degree on Biomedical Data Science starting this fall. Since this is a new degree program, the institute has extended the application period to March 15, 2024. 

Applications to the program can be submitted here:

A brief description of this program is given below:

The Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering Data Science is a non-thesis post-bachelor’s degree program intended for those who wish to pursue a career in biomedical engineering where they make extensive use of data for life science-related decision making. Typical examples of areas are clinical image analysis and processing, planning pre-clinical and clinical trials and analyzing associated data, or engaging in advanced research that require data science skills upon graduation. The program is designed to cover a broad range of data science techniques related to biostatistics, advanced multivariate statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence with a specific emphasis to biomedical engineering applications.  Besides offering a solid foundation of data science techniques and an overview of an engineering perspective to human physiology, the program also allows to specialize in several areas by choosing appropriate elective courses. To underpin the practical nature of this M.Eng. program, a four-credit data science project is offered to apply the skills learned in the classroom to a biomedical engineering challenge.