Interdisciplinary: Where Passion Meets Practice

Brian Bradke, Ph.D., MAJ, USAF
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Norwich University
Bruggeman Room, CBIS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Thu, November 08, 2018 at 2:30 PM

How much do an F-16 fighter pilot, a carpenter, a biomedical engineer, and a stock trader have in common? On the surface, not much.  It may be obvious that each of these vocations require a unique set of skills and technical knowledge.  And while these skills may seem unrelated, when they are allowed to come together, they have a synergy which couldn’t be predefined and is often unexpected.  In an ever shrinking world, and with more information more readily accessible than at any point in human history, it has become easier to find the intersections of personal passion and practical application.  Together, we will discover how a breadth of experience acquired by following your passions in seemingly unrelated fields can lead to finding success in academic research, private enterprise, and public projects.  This seminar will offer tools and insights to help participants uncover the intersections of their experiences and infuse passion into their daily work.

Brian Bradke

Dr. (Major) Brian “SPYDR” Bradke joined the faculty at Norwich University as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in 2014. His research interests span both medical and engineering disciplines, working to enhance efficacy and survivability of pilots, passengers and crewmembers during high-performance flight. Outside of academia, he is the Vice President of Human Systems for Spotlight Labs, serving as project lead for the design of an in-flight human performance monitor. As one of the original patent holders, he has been responsible for the design, manufacture, and initial fielding of the company’s SPYDR sensor.